Remember your first kiss.

20,000 copies of this leaflet were distributed through residential mailboxes across the historic center of St. Petersburg, Russia in late March of 2011. Like 9/11, our first kiss created a flashbulb memory of the personal circumstances that surrounded the event - where we were, what we felt, what we did. Whereas 9/11 was a public event that occurred in a single time and place, it produced very different experiences in each of us - disbelief, grief, celebration, etc.. Our first kiss, on the other hand, occurred in a unique time and place, yet produced an archetypical experience we can all relate to - racing heart, sweaty palms, emotional upheaval. The project intended for the recall of this latter experience to occur en mass - across 20,000 households - though in the individuality of the recipient's own, unexpected, moment. To preserve impact and privacy of that recall, no explanation was provided nor follow up conducted. Each point on these maps represents an apartment building (with multiple mailboxes) that was included in the distribution.