Chocolate Wishes

Across the street from Catherine the Great’s looming monument on Nevsky Prospect, passersby were asked to write New Year’s wishes to unspecified strangers on a note card attached to the back of a chocolate bar. All of the note cards carried a pre-printed message: “Please pass this along to a stranger.” After the participant finished writing, I would trade the chocolate with his or her note for a chocolate with a note written by the previous participant. The participant would then be asked to continue the performance by approaching another stranger and asking him or her to continue passing along the chocolate with the note. This work was part of a trilogy, in which bits of private communication were set loose into the public world. “Wishing Upon the Neva” – waterborne personal hopes and desires. “The Flight of Comments and Suggestions” – airborne comments and suggestions directed at the participant’s conception of country. And “Chocolate Wishes” – an exchange of New Year’s wishes between strangers, over land.